Catholic Family Life - Para Counselling Services

Need someone to journey with you through the stages and challenges of life? Trained Para-Counsellors are available via Zoom.    

To book your session, you may:

Call:    66318963 (Mon – Fri 12pm to 4pm) or

Email: or



Who We Are

Our Community of Paracounsellors (CPC) was started in 2006 under Catholic Family Life (formerly known as Family Life Society) to provide pro-bono counselling services to anyone who requires support. Our volunteers include Hotline Support members and para-counsellors with formal counselling training and are ready to provide a listening ear.

Our Vision

To be a community grounded in faith, uplifting each other, proficient in counselling, bring hope and healing to families, couples and individuals facing life's challenges.

Our Services

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are piloting e-counselling via Zoom from Monday to Saturday. This service will be provided until further evaluation.

Clients must be familiar with Zoom function before proceeding with the booking. 



Church of the Holy Cross has subscribed to FORMED, an online service for accessing thousands of Catholic videos, audios and ebooks On Demand anytime, anywhere.

All parishioners will have free access to entertaining movies, inspiring audio talks, informative bible studies, and much more.

Click on the link and sign-up for access to FORMED.


A one-hour prayer and reflection service. It is an opportunity for the community to come together to pray, to worship, and to adore the Lord in the presence of the Eucharist. This service is held on the first Friday of each month.

All are welcome...

  • 15 minutes before Sunset Mass on Sat and all Masses on Sundays.

Church of The Holy Cross strives to serve its community with compassion, love and zeal.

For specific service, please select from the menu on the right for more details.

  • Weekdays
    Mass 6.30am
    Lunchtime Mass - 12:15pm          
    Mass 6pm

  • Saturdays
    Mass 7:30am
    Mass 4.10pm
    Mass 6pm (Mandarin)

  • Novena 3.30pm

  • Sundays
    Mass 7:30am
    Mass 9:30am
    Mass 11:30am
    Mass 5:00pm

  • Tagalog Mass (Suspended)
  • Public Holidays
    Mass 7:30am 
    Mass 9:00am

Every 1st Sunday of Odd Months.


Schedule for 2022

  • Baptism: 2 Jan 2022
    Registration Closing: 19 Dec 2021
    Preparatory Session: 26 Dec 2021

  • Baptism Date: 6 Mar 2022
    Registration Closing: 20 Feb 2022
    Preparatory Session: 27 Feb 2022

  • Baptism Date: 1 May 2022 (*Public Holiday*)
    Registration Closing: 17 Apr 2022
    Preparatory Session: 24 Apr 2022

  • Baptism Date: 3 Jul 2022
    Registration Closing: 19 Jun 2022
    Preparatory Session: 26 Jun 2022

  • Baptism Date: 4 Sep 2022
    Registration Closing: 21 Aug 2022
    Preparatory Session: 28 Aug 2022

  • Baptism Date: 6 Nov 2022
    Registration Closing: 23 Oct 2022
    Preparatory Session: 30 Oct 2022



  • Preparatory Session Attendance is compulsory for both Parents and God-parents.
  • Registration Form & Documents to be submitted to the Secretariat (email:
  • Preparatory Session Time & Venue: Via Zoom until further notice.
  • Baptism Time & Venue: 12:45pm, in the church (Level 2).

Please attach copies of the following:

  • Original copy of Registration Form - SIGNED by both Parents.
  • Church AND Civil Marriage Certificates of Parents.
  • Baptism Certificate(s) of Parent(s).
  • Birth Certificate of Child.
  • Baptism AND Confirmation Certificate(s) of God-parent(s)

Download registration form here.

  • Weekdays & Saturdays only

    9:00am or 11:30am

    Do check with the Secretariat for availability of dates and wedding receptions at least six months in advance.
    Please make your booking personally at the Secretariat.


6 May
Novena 4.15pm Fr Jovita 
English 5pm Fr Robertus
Mandarin 6.30pm Fr Henry


7.30am Fr Jovita 
9.30am Fr Henry
11.30am Fr Robertus
5pm Fr Henry



Loving God, you gather us as your people and have formed us into a community of faith, hope and love; a priestly, prophetic and kingly people. Humbly we ask you, make our parish truly a communion of communities.


Help us to turn away from sin and believe the Gospel, so that we may be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, and to be more like Him day by day.


Guide our parish leaders with your wisdom and love. Inspire all our parishioners to offer our time, talents and treasures as stewards of the Gospel, for the growth of your Kingdom.


May the Holy Spirit enlighten and invigorate us to actively participate in the mission you entrusted to us, so that we may be a worshipping, witnessing, evangelizing and serving community.


May the spirit of collaboration and co-responsibility bring us into a fuller and fruitful communion with you and with one another. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.