What is Catechism?

Catechism, catechist, and catechesis come from the Greek word “to echo.” 
God created each human person to be in perfect communion with Him. 
Christ established His Church and commissioned His disciples to “echo” His message.  

Each Catholic, by virtue of Baptism, is called to participate in Christ’s mission of making disciples. 

The aim of catechesis is to put people in intimacy with God so that they can know Him, love Him, and follow Him, and be happy with God and each other both in earthly life and in eternal life!

Mission and Vision

To make missionary disciples by:

  • leading each child, teen, and their families into intimacy with God
  • empowering parents as the first catechists of their children
  • empowering the parish to minister to children, teens, and their families
  • empowering children, teens, and their families to serve the parish community and society

Ways to serve the Catechism Ministry

  • Teaching and assisting in catechism (training provided)
  • Supporting students who require additional support (e.g. Special Needs adaptation, those who need translation, or those who missed sessions, those who missed the Sacraments)
  • Performing administrative duties
  • Leading intercessory groups
  • Making lesson materials
  • Leading praise and worship music
  • Aiding in ad-hoc events (e.g. retreats, parents' sessions)

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For more information about serving in the Catechism Ministry, contact Judith Chng 

Religious Education Coordinator judith.chc@catholic.org.sg or 9341 2822.

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Catechetical Formation Resources

Grow in your faith as you pass it on to others!

Office for Catechesis is the diocesan organization that trains and commissions catechists across the diocese. Stay tuned for online and in-person courses: Link: Catechesis.org.sg/2023-courses-events  

Subscribe to Franciscan at Home run by the Catechetical Institute for various online catechetical workshops: Link: Franciscan at Home

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